Sunday, February 6, 2011

We're having Beef-a-roni!

One day last week I was having a discussion with B about foods from our childhood and what kind of foods that we considered to be "comfort food".  Which led us to BEEF-A-RONI!  

 Seems as though his Mama actually fed him this stuff as a kid!  Well I guess I can't blame her.  After all, canned convenience foods were just becoming popular in the 50's!

I happened to mention that my Mama NEVER fed me this stuff, but that I may have had a homemade version of it at Girl Scout camp.  Which led me to google "homemade beef-a-roni", where I found this recipe. 

Guess what we had for dinner Friday night?

We're having Beef-A-Roni, it's beef and macaroni.  Beef-A-Roni's made with meat, Beef-A-Roni's fun to eat.  Hooray!  For Beef-A-Roni!

Good luck getting THAT out of your head today!!

I think we may be eating it every day for lunch this week - the recipe makes a HUGE amount!

Disclaimer:  I never fed canned pasta to my boys :)

We're having Beef-A-Roni . . . .   AARRGGGHH!!  Make it stop!

~ Karen

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  1. Boy that jingle really gets stuck in your head,I don't think I've ever tasted Beef O Roni. We had eight kids in my family. It was more economical to cook from scratch. I did the same for my kids.