Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Colorful vintage pyrex collection

I love vintage pyrex!

My collection started about 8 years, quite by accident.  I spotted a set of primary color mixing bowls at an antique store, and they stole my heart.

And now I have cabinets full!

All of these items were purchased at antique stores or thrift stores, some for only a dollar or two.  I love the colors peeking out from behind the glass front white cabinets. (I did, however, open the doors for these pictures so you could get a better view.)

I am linking up to Apron Thrift Girl Collect Share.

Pop on over and see what everyone is collecting!

~ Karen


  1. Oh my word, Karen-- how I love those bowls! AND your glass front cabinets! WOW!

  2. Those really make me feel nostalgic. I remember using many of those pieces when I was growing up. They look so pretty grouped together.

  3. Your Pyrex is so shiny and pretty. You should come join the fun at The Pyrex Collective.

  4. Beautiful collection! I always love colorful pyrex in a white cabinet! Lovely! :)