Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowy centerpiece for January

Last week when I was putting away my Christmas decorations, I threw together this new centerpiece for my dining room table.  I used my favorite zinc drawer, filled with "snow" (epsom salt).  Nestled in the snow are three aqua ball jars, which are each filled with a bit of "snow" and a battery operated candle.  I am afraid to put real candles inside these jars, as I don't know if they can handle the heat.  On the large jar in the middle, I tied a snowflake ornament that had been on my Christmas tree, using a scrap piece of burlap.  I also glued a small magnet on the back of more of my snowflake ornaments and attached them to the zinc box.  The whole box is sitting on two large styrofoam-like snowflakes that are from the Dollar Tree from last Christmas.

Very appropriate for January!

How do you have your table decorated this month? I'd love to hear/see your ideas!

~ Karen

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